Paper 9-19-19

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Team coping during scheduled open week

Days after the death of one of its own, Roane County High’s football program was still trying to cope with the loss.

A death in the football family

All together. Team. Family. One.

The Old Perdictor

You kin fold up you’re grins ‘n put ‘em away, ‘cause this week ain’t the time fer funnin’.

Roane spikes LKC rivals

LKC foes fell to Roane County in a pair of volleyball matches.

Editorial cartoon 9-19-19

Leaving the field a winner

I make my living using words. But sometimes those words fail me.


Democrats, media wanted it both ways

President Trump should not have appointed John Bolton as national security advisor in the first place. Bolton, the most hawkish of hawks, was a well-known commodity before he came to the White House and Trump and those around him should have known he would not fit in with the president’s foreign policy aims.

Raider Strong for Alex


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