Paper 11-14-19

A winning season in every way

It was a winning season.

The Old Perdictor

They is jest so much plum perdictifyin’ to do this weak (includin’ each ‘n every one o’ all them hi skool playoffi n’ games) that li’l ol’ me has only got nary enuf space to share one skant tidbit o’ nollege with you – ‘n hear it comes:

Six from Roane on all-LKC soccer

Two first team selections highlight Roane County’s representatives on the 2019 all-Little Kanawha Conference soccer team.

Magical night for Raiders in season finale

Final record 5-4 after upset of Sissonville

Do you believe in magic?


Bevin race no idicator of Trump support

The impending electoral defeat of President Trump in 2020 is no sure thing, despite what liberal Democrats and their allies in the media would have you believe.

What’s different about dogs and horses?

A dead horse found in the garbage pile is a good indication what I suggested here a few weeks ago might have been correct.

Editorial cartoon 11-14-19

Circuit judge plans supreme court bid

One of the three circuit judges who serves Roane County has announced she will run for a seat on the state supreme court.

Commissioners talk about cleanup efforts

Cleanup efforts were the topic during the public comment period before Friday morning’s Roane County Commission meeting.