The Old Perdictor

They is jest so much plum perdictifyin’ to do this weak (includin’ each ‘n every one o’ all them hi skool playoffi n’ games weather any o’ ‘em gits themselfs played or not ‘cause o’ the cornyvirus bug) that li’l ol’ me has only got nary enuf space to share a cupple skant tidbits o’ nollege with you – ‘n […]

Roane goes green on virus map

Roane County is in the green on the state’s coronavirus map.

Man arrested for murder at Wallback

A Clay County man was charged with first-degree murder following a shooting at a home in the Wallback area last week.

Reedy Town Council cancels B&O tax

Things will be a little easier for a grocery store after Reedy Town Council voted last Thursday to cancel the town’s business and occupation tax.

House fires as Speed, Spencer investigated

House fires at Speed and in Spencer on consecutive days are being investigated by the state fire marshal’s office.


National agenda crushing state candidates

Last week’s general election in West Virginia was a clear indicator of how Democrats in the state have been crushed by the extreme left-wing leanings of the national party.

Facilities plan to cost $30 million

Roane County Schools will spend more than $30 million to replace and maintain facilities over the next 10 years, according to a draft plan under consideration.

Paper 11-12-20

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Editorial cartoon 11-12-20

Flood buy-out program approved

Most Front Street houses slated for demolition

Front Street in Spencer could look pretty empty in the future.