No timetable for demolition project

A promised project to tear down some 70 eyesore structures in the county still has no timetable for the work to begin.

Deputy paid over $9,000 since shooting

A Roane sheriff’s deputy has received over $9,000 in pay since he was placed on administrative leave after a fatal shooting last year.

Editorial cartoon 1-14-21

Voices from the playground

It’s been a while since I spent much time on the playground. When I did, I heard it often.

Featured 1B

Tower expense could be shared

A plan is in the works to share the expense of erecting a new communications tower at Clover.

The president

Personality finally trumps policies

There are still many supporters of President Donald Trump, especially here in West Virginia.

Retired police officer tabbed as city judge

A veteran law enforcement officer has been tabbed to become Spencer’s municipal judge.

Cuzzin Peggy

Well, hallooooooo all you burly, sweaty sports fans out there in newspaper land!!

Paper 1-14-21

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