Paper 2-25-21

Shelter numbers consistent

Shelter numbers consistent

A program sure to be popular

I can almost hear the conversation now.

Several enter pleas to avoid jury trials

Ten persons scheduled to go on trial in Roane Circuit Court Tuesday decided to enter pleas instead, while charges against a Spencer man ended up being dismissed.

Situation shows significant improvement in past month

Cases of COVID-19 continue to decline in Roane County.

Deputy sued a fourth time

Roane deputy sheriff Mike King has been sued again.

State board decision won’t affect Roane

Students in Roane County should not see any charges as a result of a state board of education decision to require schools to offer in-person instruction.

Shot in the arm

Weekly vaccination clinics for the COVID-19 virus are are proving to be a real shot in the arm.

Controversial bill leads to petition

A bill seeking to end “divisive” discussions on topics including racial and sexual discrimination in schools and the workplace has drawn some opposition from students and others in the sponsor’s home county.

A really good day back in the gym

I had a really good day last week.