No holidays

More cancel culture on a college campus

At the risk of offending someone reading this editorial, following are two words that apparently cause left-wing liberal wackos to go off the deep end – Easter and Christmas.

Editorial cartoon 4-8-21

Different avenue considered for Lynn Street

State fund could pay for upgrade

Local officials will try a different avenue in an attempt to improve a Spencer street.

Spencer DMV still not giving driver road tests

The W.Va. Division of Motor Vehicles regional office in Spencer has not offered driver skills tests since DMV offices were closed by the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Large leaks repaired in water system

Reedy has had its hands full with multiple water leaks in the past month. The town council learned that they’d lost over 356,000 gallons of water to several large leaks, one of which still needed to be repaired as of the meeting last Thursday.

A mystery from history you can help unravel

And now for the latest installment of History’s Mysteries.

Raider baseball low in numbers

With a 21-game schedule looming before the postseason, Roane County High’s baseball team faces the challenge of having a limited roster.

Obituaries for 4-8-21

James Lewis Ball, 93; General J. Burnside, 74; Loretta Sue Cottrell, 74; Edward D. G. Lamont, infant; Richard Paul Smith, 66

Coalition calling for more arms

Vaccination pace now in high gear

The Roane County Vaccine Coalition is looking for more people to roll up their sleeves to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Eyesore structures demolition continues

Another dilapidated house had been torn down recently, with more on the way according to a report from Public Works Director Rob Miller at Thursday evening’s meeting of Spencer City Council.